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After actions by government bodies across the world to recognize Cobalt Chloride as a compound that has "been shown to cause cancer", was the first supplier in the United States to completely eliminate use of the Blue Indicating Silica Gel and supply North America with Cobalt Chloride-free Orange Indicating Silica Gel based dehumidifier products. These Cobalt Chloride-free products replace all previous dehumidifier products that were used in the Blue Indicating Silica Gel, thus making the product safer for you!

Who are we? is a wholly owned company of Fairly Odd Treasures, LLC., which is based out of Charlotte, NC, USA. We have facilities in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia as well.

Our promise...

We recognize the importance of our customers, and over the years we have strived to do things the right way; the way things should be done to make this a quick and easy experience for you, our customer. We ship the majority of our orders the same business day and we succeed in shipping 99.9% of our orders within 1 business day. We list our prices and quantity discounts up front for all to see; we don't hide our prices or force you to call us to get a quote. We answer our e-mails within minutes or hours, not days!

What we do is for you, our customer. We don't claim to be perfect, but we assure you that we try our best to make your experience effortless!

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Tel. 704-707-3532